Unique fitness program that is ready to meet the objective that koliv walkers or runners. It uses the most natural human movements to the walking and running.

Walkeee is a group activity that uses the lessons of professional knowledgeable instructor to music.

Walkeee one of the few fitness programs is able to fulfill the goal of absolute non-sportspeople to professional athletes. Lessons for risk groups are no exception – pregnant women, children and older seniors, lessons for people with high blood pressure or problems with the cardiovascular apparatus, rehabilitation after illness, for clients with very poor physical condition, children and older seniors.

For lesson uses the unique mechanical belt Skywalker.

Philosophy of WALKEEE fitness program is to provide an ideal way for a possible objective that was outlined fitness goals. Objectives of pedestrians and joggers may be different, but the common goal of all of us should be a state of well being. Although we Everyday stress tired lessons WALKEEE offers stress cleansing and after each lesson you will feel refreshed and full of energy. WALKEEE walk through the gate to the world of fitness and sports. Activates your production rate, respiratory system, cardiovascular system. Use walkeee program you are able to overcome their own limits.

Uděleje first step toward his goal – Get Started with WALKEEE and thus can activate your fitness future.

Life is running, learn to live with.

Anyone can walk or run. Only it is important to adjust the intensity of the exercise and modify the correct stereotype of walking and running. WALKEEE SKYWALKER and is applicable to anyone.

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